“Memories last forever if you write them down.” ~ Mike Parker


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A portion of the proceeds from every book sold will be donated to Community Crisis Services and Food Bank here in Iowa City, Iowa.

About the Book

In Ask Yourself, Mike Parker, author, speaker, and coach, has created an inspiring, uplifting, and fun guided journal like none you have ever seen before. Your answers to these questions will take you on the most inspiring journey of self-discovery. The beautifully designed interior provides space on each page to write down your answers, thoughts, and reflections. There will be questions you want to take your time on and savor the memory with lots of details and emotion. There will be other questions that might just require a few sentences and some that you will want to leave for another day. There is no rush. There are inspiring questions that will fit with those times in our life when we have at best a minute or two to spare, and there are questions for those times when you want to relax, enjoy, and savor those emotional memories that take you to the best moments in your life.

Ask Yourself is meant to help you enjoy life more abundantly by finding inspiration in the best of times and people from your past, present, and future. This journal will guide you into a deep dive of your own personal memories, which will allow you to savor each and every one of them better than you ever have before.

Ask Yourself will help you create a list of the most meaningful, inspiring, and loved memories, thoughts, and people in your life. When you’re done, keep it close by, carry it around; it will serve as a reminder of the best of times in your life and a source of inspiration. Maybe pick a day each month and read through some of your answers, be whisked away to that moment, and enjoy the memories that have made you the unique person you are.

As you work your way through this inspiring journal, be ready to laugh, smile from ear to ear, enjoy positive emotions, relive your many accomplishments, and be reminded of your healthiest relationships. There is no better tool to help you with personal reflection of the most inspiring times of your life. Have fun, Ask Yourself, remind yourself, and savor your answers.

Your Answers to the Ask Yourself Questions Will…

  • Inspire you
  • Help you create more happiness
  • Spark positive emotions
  • Lead too savoring your best memories
  • Assist in more meaningful reflection
  • Remind you of your healthiest relationships
  • Lead to greater self-discovery
  • Boost your well-being
  • Aid in focusing on the good stuff
  • Help you better enjoy the people in your life
  • Identify positive triggers
  • And much more…

About the Author

Mike Parker has been delivering motivational presentations for over 20 years. He is driven by his passion for helping others achieve more than they ever thought was possible by igniting their full potential. Mike has a clear and inspiring message about the qualities found in overachieving people, teams, and organizations. Mike has been able to inspire thousands of individuals through his motivational presentations and his work as a Success Coach.

As a former track and field athlete at the University of Kansas and now as a coach who built one of the country’s most successful programs, he has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to get to the top and enjoy the journey along the way. His girls' cross country and track and field teams at Iowa City West High School have won 11 Class 4A Team State Titles.

Mike’s firsthand knowledge of how to ignite individual and team peak performances has helped thousands of individuals and many teams, organizations, and corporations to amazing success. Due to the success of his teams, Mike has been selected the Iowa High School State Coach of the Year or the At-Large Coach of the Year 32 times. Mike has been a finalist for National Coach of the Year awards 3 different times. In 2018 the National High School Athletic Coaches Association selected Mike as the Girls Track and Field National Coach of the Year.

As a sought-after keynote speaker by major corporations, associations, colleges, and school districts, Mike’s strategies and ideas on how to use Your Best Effort Every Time, Empathy as a Leadership Skill, and Achieving Equity for All, has helped turn around underperforming teams, transformed organizations, and ignited the full potential in thousands of individuals.

For more information on Mike’s work and his keynotes, seminars, professional development, and other inspiring services, visit his website at www.mike-parker.com or at www.askyourselfbook.com, on Facebook @MotivationalSpeakerMikeParker and Twitter @askyourselfbook.com.

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